Sugar Group Companies is one of the most successful sugar product manufacturers in Indonesia

Posted by - Admin / December 14th, 2012

There is no single entity in the Sugar Group Companies umbrella of businesses. There are several companies that operate under the auspices of the Sugar Group Companies. This includes a number of subsidiaries, like PT Indolampung Perkasa, PT Sweet Indolampung, and PT Gula Putih Mataram. Each of these subsidiaries is vital to the continuing success of Sugar Group Companies.

Sugar Group Companies’ businesses are all horizontally and vertically integrated. This means that each of the businesses work in concert with the others in order to eliminate any competing interests amongst the parties. This integration increases the productivity and efficiency of the businesses while allowing for a smoother operation overall.

Sugar Group Companies is one of the most successful sugar product manufacturers in Indonesia. Their leading product is called “Gulaku”, which is a household name throughout the country. “Gulaku” is a premium sugar cane product. Sugar Group Companies is headquartered in Lampung Province, Indonesia. All of the sugar cane plantations and sugar mills are located in Lampung Province, but there are more than ten offices spread out all over the country which help with maintaining distribution channels. Sugar Group Companies is led by CEO Gunawan Jusuf, who believes that innovation is the key to remaining successful. This is why Gunawan Jusuf has placed na emphasis on hiring young, talented, professionals.

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